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Welcome to the JSR Intervalometer Blog

My name is John and my hobby has been building intervalometers for timelapse photography. I build around the Arduino microcontroller, and focus on a simple user interface without sacrificing functionality. I currently have a Bulb Ramper and Motion controller DIY Kit available, and a dedicated Bulb Ramper Shield for Arduino. I am currently not building any units, but you can find the code, gerbers, and parts lists if you want to build your own. Continue reading if you are interested and thanks for stopping by!

Until August 2013, you may contact me with any inquires, send me an email at

Please Note: The JSR project is not being support or developed and there are no plans to continue development. This inbox is NOT monitored and you will NOT get a reply.

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JSR Bulb Ramper Shield for Arduino

The Bulb Ramper Shield is a dedicated bulb ramper for Canon DSLR Cameras. It can be used as a simple intervalometer or a bulb ramper. An external motion system (Dynamic Perceptions or Chronos) may be easily attached to add motion to your bulb ramp timelapse.

- Regular Intervalometer or Bulb Ramper.
- Flashlight.

- Auxiliary trigger output.
- Interval Ramping.
- Interval Oscillator.
- Easy to update or change the code.

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JSR Intervalometer DIY Kit

The JSR Intervalometer DIY Kit comes with all the features of the Original JSR Intervalometer below.  Note this is not a beginner's project. A well rounded knowledge of electronic components is required. The circuit diagrams, gerbers, and code is below on the "Downloads" page. Note that you will need an Arduino UNO to do the initial programming. Also, the code is too large to program with the bootloader, so either you will need to shrink the code or program it using the Arduino as ISP without a bootloader.

-Basic intervalometer
-Infrared Remote Control
-Self Timer (0-99 seconds).
-Bulb Ramper. 
-2 axis DC reversible motor control up to 1A per motor.
-Ramp up and down speeds ability on both motors independently.
-1 stepper motor can be used in lieu of 2 DC motors. 
-Aux Port.
-Sound Trigger 

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General Build Notes
Parts List   

The Original JSR Intervalometer

This is currently not available. I started out building them but the assembly time and effort was too prohibitive. These pages remain for reference, as well as serving as instructions for the JSR Intervalometer DIY kit. Click the links below to learn more.

The Basics
Sample Footage
Video Tutorials

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